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Royale Home Health believes that Partnerships are key to delivering the best care to its patients and also providing the best knowledge to its staff. “Our family” means partnerships throughout the care journey starting with the client and their family.


Kuwait Partnership

 Royale Hayat Hospital

Our sister company is Royale Hayat Hospital. Royale Hayat Hospital has a reputation for its commitment to luxurious service with high quality medical care.

Royale Hayat Hospital has been awarded Best Hospital in Kuwait by Service Hero for the 9th Year in a row and is a proud holder of Gold Canadian accreditation by Accreditation Canada. Royale Hayat continues to provide the safest, most modern and highest quality of medical care and services to the Kuwaiti society in an environment of compassion, comfort and care. This vision has guaranteed Royale Hayat’s leading place in the health sector and has redefined the benchmarks in hospitality. With our teams receiving service training from Royale Hayat Hospital we can now bring you the trusted Royale Hayat Hospital caliber of healthcare services to your home.



Canadian Partnership

 SE Health

We are constantly cultivating and nurturing new and meaningful partnerships to expand our family. The first International Partnership is with SE Health in Canada. This partnership is focused on bringing international best-practices and expertise to Kuwait. SE Health has been in operation since 1908 and is Canada’s largest home health service. They are fully accredited with Exemplary status by Accreditation Canada.

Many of Royale Home Health’s policies, protocols and procedures are based on SE Health’s award-winning policies and procedures. This means that the way we deliver care and how we run our service is based on accredited, safe and responsible foundations. This delivers service value you can trust.

SE Health sends its experts to Kuwait to train our care delivery teams. This is part of our commitment to continuous learning and service improvement. That means that caregivers in your home from Royale Home Health are equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise to deliver top-quality care.