Our Family

Kuwait’s top-rated luxury, multi-specialty hospital and winner of Kuwait’s prestigious service hero award for 9 years in a row. Our high quality is built on the strengths of our sister company.


Who We Care for & Type of Care

Royale Home Health delivers health and wellness support to address the needs of our clients and their family. Our programs and services use international best practices. Our expertly, trained, multi-professional team has specialized knowledge and skills to meet your needs. Your entire care journey is coordinated by an internationally trained Clinical Service Manager. Your care will be delivered and coordinated using smart technology providing you with your own electronic health record which can be accessed whenever you wish.

Good Wishes

Best wishes to the entire Royale Home Health team. I am thankful to be part of this vision and informing the services needed by our community. The model of care is exactly what my patient and families need. I know that the team will provide nothing short of a 5- star clinical care experience that is provided at Royale Hayat Hospital – now in your home. With a holistic multi-disciplinary approach and a commitment to innovation and best practices, I am excited for Royale Home Health to deliver meaningful health care to our community.

Dr. Ahmad Al Mosawi
Head of Pediatrics Dept, Consultant Pediatrician, Certified Pediatric Respirologist & ICU Intensivist | Royale Hayat Hospital

I am excited to work in partnership with Royale Home Health to deliver safe, high-quality and high-tech care. This service will be the perfect complement to the care provided by any hospital. I especially appreciate how the Royale Home Health involved patients and clinicians in their service design—focused on providing customized, comfortable and convenient care. By working in the NHS (UK) and Royale Hayat Hospital, continuity of care and safe practice have become two central values to me both personally and professionally. Best wishes to the Royale Home Health team and your quest to change healthcare as we know it.

Dr. Abubakr Ameen ElMardi
Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Consultant, Obstetrician & Gynecologist & Head of Urogynaecology Unit | Royale Hayat Hospital

The Royale home health program is a novel, exciting and elite program that is spearheaded by top-notch visionaries and strategists in the health care field. I foresee it to be a highly successful program providing health care in a customized way to people in an evidence-based scientific manner in the comfort of their home. The laboratory department in Royale Hayat hospital, a CAP accredited, Canadian accredited lab, is excited to be part of this new initiative. We will support this program with all necessary investigations required using state of the art equipment and laboratory kits. I am quite thrilled to be part of this program that combines quality and elite medical practice.

Dr. Salah Al Wuhaib
Head of Laboratory Dept, Consultant Histopathologists/Cytopathologist | Royale Hayat Hospital