Mother & Child

We provide comprehensive assessments, care and support to mother and baby during pregnancy, childbirth and up to the baby’s 1st birthday.

Our customized designer mom and baby care program includes well-baby visits, home support around the clock and mother care.

The blessing of a new family member is both exciting and overwhelming; especially for first time mothers. Our mother and new baby service is designed to fully support you through the entire journey. Our multi-professional care team is specifically trained in newborn and mother care and will work with your physician to support your journey.


  Our Approach:

Our approach is designed to help you throughout this miraculous journey by bringing healthcare services to you at home where you need it most. Our Clinical Service Manager will meet with you early in your pregnancy and will discuss our services after a comprehensive assessment. A nurse/midwife will meet with you in your 3rd trimester once a week until the birth of your baby and then will conduct an assessment two weeks after your baby is born. (Please note, our visits do not replace your physicians visits).

You will receive newborn caregivers with nursing backgrounds who use the Royale Hayat way of newborn care. We have a dedicated team of mother care specialists who not only help you prepare for your new family member but also know exactly how to help you recover faster after birth.

We look forward to helping you celebrate your new family.  

  How long is the service?

We can provide you with nursing support for your newborn during the early months of their life.

We bring the well baby services to your home where our nursing specialists can perform the first month well-baby check-ups in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your home.

Your pediatrician will be in close contact with a internationally-trained and experienced pediatric nurse. We can also provide education for your nanny to ensure that they are providing the best care for your baby. 


Some of our services include:




  Birthing plan development

  Prenatal education for you and your family

  Comprehensive home assessment for baby readiness




  Women’s health, wellness and recovery

  Baby wellness

  Home support  - baby care

  Post-cesarean care

  Post-natal care


  Baby safety


As Needed


  IV therapy

  Mobile lab

  Wound care

  Dressing changes